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By incentivising customers to take store credit

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1. Give magic access

Add Magic to access your inventory, through a simple 10 minute install - you'll remain in control

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Set the rules and choose limits in your dashboard, Magic will do all the work of selling for you

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Enjoy seeing sales grow in your dashboard, and become the champion who has grown revenue

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Monthly Fees


Nope we don't believe in them

What people say about us

"Magic has been a revelation. It's helped us sell items that would have otherwise sat in our warehouse, making our returns a revenue stream."

Marcel Pianim
Director at UrbanHaven

"Magic has been our secret weapon in managing returns. With a 35% reduction in refunds and the ability to resell items, it's given us the confidence to focus on revenue growth."

Marius Andreis
Founder at Novella

"Magic has been nothing short of a miracle for us. We've seen a 25% decrease in returns, which has saved us both time and money. It's like having a wizard on our team!"

Simon Sicander
CEO at Ark&Oak
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