Reroute to resell hubs and marketplaces

Select a vetted local hub or automatically resell in public or in stealth  

Select a vetted local hub or automatically resell in public or in stealth


Identify and work with vetted resell hubs in one click

Discover 100+ solutions across 18 countries, all on pre-negotiated rates in the Magic marketplace directory.


Turn on recommended tools to improve margins and emissions

Maximise your sales efficiency by knowing where the gaps are and how to fill them. Simply at the click of a button.


Automate relisting returns in public or stealth - on marketplace

Use partners eBay / Vinted, Kasy (our outlet) or use your own store to boost sell through rates, and unlock millions of local buyers looking for a great deal - our AI does all the selling


Create a seamless shopping experience inside your returns

Turn in-store and online returns into a joyful experience that encourages customers to shop again. Streamline the return process with image verification so you'll never have to blindly accept a return again.


Keep control and offer next day delivery by fulfiling orders from the local return hub

Launch next day delivery in regions without a warehouse, by using return hubs to fulfil orders - Let magic handle the hard work using only carbon neutral partners - better logistics, quicker shipping, happier customers.


When an item is damaged, reroute it to a repair hub in one click

Don't lose control of your brand reputation and claims related to damage or poor quality, fix your products locally and aligned  to your brands expectation

Ready for EU ESPR compliance?